Solo Travel For The Soul


It’s like feeding your soul with positive energy to fight the negative in your life. It’s like sitting on the edge of the cliff and looking at those huge mountains and just rethinking why we have such a big ego in our life. We are just a piece of flesh nature is much more powerful than we think. (Nature has the power to fulfill our need of inner peace.


Whenever in doubt travel! It’s just not a saying it’s the truth. To find your real self you need to lose yourself first.

Same way to find your destination you need to sometimes get lost. Real man is made up of failures and defeats, learn the hardship while trekking for hours, how to ration your food and water, till you get the next supply is like living your life in less till springs come.(managing life)

Train your body through your mind, fueled by your will to reach that top.. every time you feel tired and your body says stop, think of what is waiting for you on the top-a beautiful  view to feed your soul , and view which will carry you close to nirvana. Push yourself to know yourself , to know your  limits.


Now standing on that edge.. cold winds kissing my face , keeping  my eyes close, I thank God -I don’t know why but I just do that.

All I can hear is the sound of wind and nothing at all  .. then I sit there all tired head up , hands open , like I am about get a big  hug from this universe..

Then I slowly open my eyes and sun shines back on my face like it is blessing me,

Then I look back and find no one , I have travelled so far on my own .. just like I have travelled so far in life!



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