A Morning like this!


I was trying to bury my foot in that cold sand-that salty air from the sea, I can smell it. I can see the horizon going amber.

Then I lay down on that wet sand all tired of last night’s party and booze, my head throbbing.

I can see the dark sky, I breathe deep and close my eyes, it’s as dark as my hopeless life, was that the reason I had that extra peg last night?

Whatever the reason was, but I just saw the horizon going amber like this universe is giving me a sign that night is always darkest before the dawn breaks….and trust me guys dawn will break.


I gather all my power and get up again, I can see the sea shining from the light coming from the shacks behind me.

Now the tide is touching my feet, it’s like this universe is saying Hang on! Stay here, don’t go!

You are about to see something beautiful.

So I waited. Waited for few more minutes, and then I saw the first light of sun struggling through the tide like we have to struggle in our life in order to shine .


I am glad I was there and I thank god for talking to me!

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