She Found herself!

She was determined, and excited!  She was looking forward to see the day’s sun setting from Triund top and thereafter, watching the night sky full of stars in the warmth of the bonfire, sipping rum mixed in lukewarm water.It was just 20 minutes later when she realized she was breathing from her mouth.

 Basics of trekking- “Always breath from your nose”.

She had mild cold but her nose was blocked. And since she was breathing from her mouth, she was putting too much pressure on her lungs; this in turn was exhausting her quickly.At first I saw her hiding the signs, obviously how could she?  She couldn’t be weak!But that fight was too little.

She stopped out of breath, out of place.

Her head throbbing, she could feel each of her heart beat distinctly in her head. And the scary part was that the trek had just started, we were just 1 km away from the starting point.Our guide explained to her that she must move with the group otherwise she could get lost. She raised her head, looking up to the giant Dhaulagiri ranges.She could see the Triund top peeping from the black rainy clouds. She started walking again.

FYI-Triund trek is considered moderate on the difficulty scale.

As we move upwards, the inclination increased and with the increase in inclination, weather changes occur dramatically.To add to the troubles, it started raining; making the trek even more difficult. As cloud poured down, the rocks on the mountains became wet and slippery. Now she was not only struggling with her breathing problem, she had to be extra cautions while taking every step on those slippery rocks.Exhausted and out of breath, her vision was now going hazy, making her out of focus.

Each step she took was made up of the strong will she carried; fuelled by a greater why!

This is one thing I strongly believe in. A reason, a why, a fuck to give!There has to be a strong why behind anything you do. A why which is unfuckable, a why which can withstand the criticisms of this so called “society”.So she found her why! And that was to prove herself, that she can do this. That she will reach the top.

Now it was her fight with herself. She was on a different trip, altogether.

She had started her own journey-to find herself; pushing herself on each step, and each rock that stood like a mountain for her.Suddenly, rain stopped and a nice, cool breeze with a pleasant smell touched her face. It was like the universe had understood her plan.

Finally, we had reached halfway. But, because of her the whole group was getting slow. We had to reach the top before the sun went down. Firstly, everyone wanted to see the mesmerizing sunset from the Triund top and secondly, and more importantly, the path would have been riskier after sunset considering there were wolves and bears on that route.Now, our guide gave the whole group two options. Either we had to increase our speed and reach the top in the next 45 minutes, or we could camp at the half point for the night and resume the trek the next morning.

The whole group was looking at her. But only she knew how much she was pushing herself.Then, after mutual discussion, our group split into two parts. The fast moving people continued the rest of the trek quickly, to reach up early and prepare the camp; and the slow ones would struggle through their way up.

Once again, she gathered all her energy and took a deep breath and started walking.

Now, the last part of the Triund trek is the hardest. There are 22 zig-zag climbs, as if nature has placed them purposely, to check how badly you want to be there on the top.While she was struggling her way through those zig- zig turns and climbs, she saw the sun setting in front of her. It was, like her wish was right there in her hands and somebody was slowly snatching it away from her.

She sat there, watching the setting sun; thinking how it would have been if she would have been able to see it from the Triund top.A drop of tear rolled out of her eye, but she quickly wiped it off before her tears could soften her will to fight.

She stood up again! Pushed herself one last time, and completed the tough climb for the last 20 minutes. She made it the top! Yes, she couldn’t believe that she had finally done it.Her legs felt powerless. She couldn’t feel her toes.

But looking up at the sky, she was dumbfounded with the scenic beauty; the dimming light of the dying amber sky.The one thing that she found that day was “herself”, which she had never done in her life so far-that she can fight and that she’s got an unbreakable will.

Trust me my friends, this unbreakable spirit will be rewarded sooner or later by this universe, like she was rewarded. As she lied down all broken on the ground at Triund, she could see the stars appearing in the partially dark sky.

In no time the whole sky was full of stars, while she could hear a boy singing a Coldplay song at a distance!

“Look at the stars, look how they shine for you,

And everything you do, it’s all so beautiful”

The song fades in the distant laughter sounds…..


And she fell asleep under the blanket of stars. A patch of clouds hid the moonlight so that this strong willed warrior could sleep in peace!


God bless us all with world peace!

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