Sunset From China Top- Nainital

A rush in heart, to reach the top, before the sun sets. I can see through the dense forest- the sky starting to turn its color to amber.

This rush I am about to tell you guys is my quick trek to the China Top in Nainital.

My friends and I planned to enjoy our evening beer from China Top. It’s a 2 hour of trek.

We were confident that we were going to reach the top before the sun goes down.

We started Late, one of my friends said. But my heart said “At least we started”.

We can’t reach anywhere without starting any journey.

We quickly parked our bike near the Blue-green board of Uttarakhand tourism board, giving the description of China Top.

Initially, we started with running …which converted into brisk walking, and then the mountain incline started breaking our stamina and spirit.

We had only one bottle of water and few beers, talking and laughing we were slowly trekking on towards the top. Things seemed easier as I was not alone in this journey, my friends made it so easy for me, just like in our journey of life there will be a time when you will be going through tough times, just like the tough terrain of mountains, friends and family are the necessary support during these times.

This trek was our race with the setting sun, just like we compete with different aspects in our everyday life.

But you know what I learnt that day! That there has to be a powerful WHY behind everything in life, powerful enough to make you stand back after receiving an upper cut right on your face from life, a WHY powerful enough to push you another km every day for you morning run.

This journey made us discover our reason to reach the top that day-we went there not just for sitting there and having some beer, but to find some moments of peace on that mountain top. While trekking to the top there was a silence among us, I would say it was awkward at the start but after a few minutes, we started enjoying the sound of birds flying back to their resting place before dusk. Trust me, I found a moment of peace in that chaos.

At last we reached the top, just the time when it was heavenly- the sun reflecting its dying light in the valley, all golden and amber. The four of us stood there staring right at the setting sun, none of us talking to each other, “no wow given”, everything was in the brain and heart, and it looked like everyone is refilling their soul.

I got misty eyed I don’t know why! But I thanked god for such a beautiful world, then I felt a sense of relief in my heart for such good friends, such a good journey and blessing me with this sensitivity towards life.

“It’s okay if you have started late, at least you have started , your journey will be your teacher, and you will find what you are looking for, just trust your intuitions.”